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6 Easy Ways to Develop Social Skills

Everyone wants to shine and be accepted by people. If your goal is to achieve a successful life, personal and career, you will need the help of others. And, to feel accepted and get along well with others, you need to focus on developing your social skills to win more attention.

For someone who is just starting to develop his or her social skills, here are some tips to consider:

1. Have a ready smile always

A person with an approachable outlook is likely to draw people who smile back and start talking. A gloomy face causes individuals to backslide and feel cautious that you might not be open for a chat.

2. Have simple start up conversation questions ready

Questions like age, status in life, school last attended or anything about family. You may also think of ready answers that may come along the way, questions you think might be asked that are occasion related.

3. Take an interest in the conversation

Do not show boredom towards the person you are talking to. Be responsible for taking interest in what the person is talking about. It is your fault if you are getting bored as you do have a hand in making it more interesting by asking interesting follow up questions.

4. Get involved and stay focused

Be attentive to the person you are talking to and use give and take listening and follow-up questions to liven and explore the conversation. Apply your verbal and non-verbal skills. Ask appropriate questions based on related topics being talked about, set your vocal tone and quality and apply bodily movements if necessary to display your feelings.

Nodding of the head, smiles and eye-to-eye contact are non-verbal gestures. Both verbal and non- verbal social skills make the conversation valuable. Your partner will have the feeling that you give due importance to his/her topic, thus giving both of you the feeling of acceptance.

5. Be ready to adapt to situations

If at some point in your conversation, out of the blue, someone tries to butt in and totally twist the topic – adapt to the change. You need to have some flexibility when you are in a group gathering. This will help you to get more accepted by the others. Flexibility is one thing people look for when having a conversation.

6. Choose to feel relaxed

There may be times when you will run out of topics to discuss, and get worried about what to say next. Well, relax and let the conversation go as it is. As the saying goes: go with the flow.

Nobody will notice you if you just sit out when there are opportunities to speak up. Make sure to get involved so that your finer qualities and potential are noticed.

These tips to develop social skills will guide you towards the achievements of your goals. Expand your networking. Remember that success is not all about money but also about the number of friends you have made and how you live your life. Get out there and apply these social skills tips as you socialize.