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How to Maximize Engagement Time With Online Learners – 7 Tips

With today’s trend in learning online, apps are aplenty around. Yes, with right balance to the amount of time discussing the topic for the day, teaching/learning engagements become fun and easy.

Here are tips on how to make most of the time alloted to a certain subject area say English reading class.

1. Playstore has a lot of reading apps for kids to choose from; yes, teachers and parents alike must let their wards have freedom to choose stories of their interest, reading ability and other factors inherent to their own learning style.

2. Integrating apps with collaboration, fun and critical thinking skills enhancement must be a daily fare. Yes, variety is key toward driving away boredom and inactivity among learners.

3. Active learners would be more attentive to games integrated to a lesson. With moving icons, etc. they are in for surprises; and, at the same time, enjoying the time learning concepts with the help of those educational videos, apps and the like.

4. Freedom is key in learning. Yes, today’s educational landscape is rooting out for independent learners; traditional style of teaching is out of the game, so let’s give our learners the needed encouragement to learn by themselves, sans control over their choices.

5. Facilitating must be delegated to all learners trying to learn a skill or two. Providing them time to lead activities could be a ticket for a shy type one to get confident about him/her-self. Then, from baby steps to gradual unfolding of his/her talent would be fantastic.

6. Give them the stage to show what they’ve got. Sans dominating the time, activities and the like, learners would have a chance to shine and discover their capability through interactions filled with spontaneity and freedom to be unique. Yes, in every engagement, each one must be a part and parcel of taking knowledge to the next level by contributing own idea toward realizing something new, fresh and relevant to the lesson being tackled.

7. Let kids have smile on their faces. Every great effort must be recognized, words of encouragement must be peppered on them. Yes, for who do not want to be seen as good and great and what-not? Sincere appreciation of kid’s effort could make a big difference to his/her learning journey, and on with future endeavors.

Well, the list could be endless; but, for the meantime, we have a few here which could make your virtual engagement fun and meaningful, what with variety and energy and passion — of the teacher facilitating learning.

So there you go, fellas. You may add your own ideas about this topic and posting this article on your timeline could be the start of fun and meaningful engagement among us educators. Cheers!